Q-Catch 74 Series Portable Chute, Alley & Tub

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Portable Q-Catch 74 Series Chute, Alley & Tub [7408]

The Q-Catch 74 Series portable chute, alley, and tub is a full working system in a convenient portable package for handling cattle anywhere. Featuring the Q-Catch 74 Series cattle chute, 3E 8’ Easy Flow Alley and 8’ crowding tub, you can get the job done anywhere, anytime. With an adjustable hitch, manual jacks and an improved collapsible tub design, this portable system can be set up in the most remote location in just five minutes.

Key Features:

  • NEW 3E Q-Catch Head Gate design uses light to draw cattle into the chute for better flow
  • Head gate opens to full 30” top to bottom, and has a patented locking mechanism
  • Head gate and squeeze locking mechanisms and rump fingers are backed with lifetime warranty
  • Easy Flow Adjustable Cattle Alley comes with NEW removable panels to control what cattle see in the alley
  • Comes with 2 top-mounted rolling doors

Additional Information:

  • NEW patent-pending Direct Drive System for faster head gate response
  • Transport & scale-ready
  • The tub folds in on itself so that it is compact for transport
  • Head gate handle can be situated anywhere along the side of the chute
  • Rolling tail gate is top mounted to eliminate buildup and can be operated from either side of the chute
  • Vet door swings 180° in and out of the chute
  • Side access doors can be used independently or together
  • Squeeze ranges from 29.5” to 7.75” and has a single lever push-pull operation
  • Quietest flooring made from maintenance-free, molded rubber
  • Metal-punched steel floor prevents cattle from slipping, and has slots for drainage
  • NEW drop-down needle bar lets you quickly access the animal’s neck
  • 75” needle access
  • Rectangular tubing limits cattle bruising and injury
  • Cradle-shaped alley sections range from 29.5” to 18” in width
  • Easy Flow Cattle Alley sides can be adjusted from one side
  • Side panels of the Easy Flow Alley drop down fully to quickly access the animal in case of emergency
  • Safety latches on the side panels ensure sides will not drop accidentally
  • No assembly required

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