Q-Catch 74 Series Manual Chute

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Q-Catch 74 Series Chute [7400]

The Q-Catch 74 Series is a practical, reliable chute that makes cattle handling easier and safer with unparalleled access. On top of this, the Deluxe Vet model features a full-size vet cage to fully access your livestock. The Standard model (without a vet cage) features all the access points and has several add-on options. Both models come standard with a 10-year warranty and a lifetime guarantee on the rump fingers and patented friction locks.

Key Features: 

  • 10-year chute warranty – Industry’s longest cattle chute warranty ever offered
  • NEW 3E Q-Catch Head Gate design uses light to draw cattle into the chute for better flow
  • Head gate opens to full 30” top to bottom, and has a patented locking mechanism
  • Head gate and squeeze locking mechanisms and rump fingers are backed with lifetime warranty

Additional Information:

  • NEW Direct Drive System for faster head gate response
  • Transport & scale-ready
  • Head gate handle can be situated anywhere along the side of the chute
  • Rolling tail gate is top mounted to eliminate buildup and can be operated from either side of the chute
  • Vet door swings 180° in and out of the chute
  • Side access doors can be used independently or together
  • Squeeze ranges from 29.5” to 7.75” and has a single lever push-pull operation
  • NEW drop-down needle bar lets you quickly access the animal’s neck

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