Arrowquip Calving Pen

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Calving Pen 

With Arrowquip’s circular Calving Pen design, work cattle in high-pressure situations with maximum safety and control. Cattle are safely led into the head gate with assistance from the circular design and sweep that work with the natural flow of cattle. For added security, sweep gate stops are located every 21 ¾” inches on the curved panels, so even if a cow pushes back, you’re always kept safe. In the event a calf needs to be pulled, easily access your chains from the added back pan shelf, and fully open the back gate on new bushings and updated hinges for unbeatable access when it matters most.

  • Circular pen and crowd gate give the operator maximum control and safety over the animal.
  • The circular shape eliminates risk of animals backing into a corner and allows sweep gate to work with cattle flow effectively by covering the whole pen.
  • 9’ door at the rear features new bushings and updated hinges for added durability and opens fully for necessary access when pulling calves
  • Split top and bottom access doors with upgraded, durable hinges and individual locks on both sides of the pen
  • Sweep gate and curved panels allow handler to operate the gate and control the cow’s movement from outside of the corral.
  • Self-catch head gate features straight sides and rubber neck yokes for added safety if a cow goes down in the chute or tries to go up the head gate.
  • Sweep gate stops located every 21 ¾” inches on the curved panels.
  • NEW full-length floor adds to animal comfort, operator safety and structural integrity.
  • Dual function as a hospital pen
  • NEW fork targets and added back pan shelf make moving the corral and storing calving chains, etc., easier.

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